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Who are we


Since 1978, we have been trading internationally all types of consumer products such as pulses, dry food, and canned food, among others depending on market demand.


We aim to serve our buyers from the Middle East and extending to East and West Africa professionally, while using our vast experience to deliver the best service.


Currently, we are shareholders with several Chinese factories which produce baking powder, tomato paste, luncheon meat, mushroom, canned and frozen vegetables, etc...


Among our baking/cooking agents, we have an incredible baking powder and a wide variety of tomato cooking products. Our tomato paste concentrate from 60% to 100% pure tomato with various brix range. 


Our canned goods include tuna, sardine, asparagus, mushroom, broad beans, among others.


We also have a wide variety of pulses such as, white kidney beans, light speckled kidney beans, broad beans, lupin, and several others. 


For our network in Africa, we distribute corn flakes in all flavors and peanut butter specific to the market demand.


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